Company Team Building Charter Fishing Trips

Charter Fishing in venice

Guided Company Team Building Charter Fishing Trips

The Struggle for Fresh Ideas

Corporations struggle daily with coming up with fresh, new ideas in team building for their employees.  We have all sat around the board rooms, the conference rooms in hotels, and always starting with the around the room awkward introductions.  Then you go on to the team building games, such as the House of Cards, and the age old game of bonding the participants together with a rope.  Now, both of these take supplies and a lot of preparation on the hosts part. They take space that must be rented and paid for. Many times the corporate host walks away with participants who are not really excited about doing these exercises, as they have either done them before, more than once, or just are not comfortable being tied together with 9 other people and trying to walk across a room.  Physical limitations come into play as well, as just employees who are shy and more reserved.  

A Change of Scenery Is Needed

Now, rethink the corporate Team Building experience.  Stay with me here, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and experienced charter boat captains to relieve the corporate host of the constant worry of if the employees are engaged in being there.  Your captain will put several groups on several boats with experienced guides from his fleet, thus adding the opportunity to pair your teams with employees from different divisions to get to know each other better, is that not the reason for Corporate Team Building Events anyway?  Add a little fun competition in there, maybe a trophy or monetary prize for the most fish, the biggest fish, the smallest fish, the list goes on and on.  Also, It is hard to walk off a boat if you get bored, which I guarantee you will not, thus eliminating the many phone calls taken during the Team Building Event.  This is not saying cell phone service does not work on the water, but I promise you, you will be so busy enjoying the sport that catching that robo call on your cellphone will not be a priority.

Getting to Know Each Other on a Personal Level

Your employees will have a chance to learn a new hobby that they may take away with them for life.  Even those employees who do not wish to touch the bait, touch the fish, this will not be an issue, as the boat Captain will have an assistant, if not himself to take care of those tasks for you and your employees.  Surprisingly, by the time the event is over, they will have conquered that fear, helped each other with these tasks, and worked together as a “team”.  You will see the barriers of titles in the board room will melt away on the sea, letting each other learn to enjoy each other’s company even more.

Overnight Events in Venice, Louisiana

Venice, Louisiana is a mere 76 miles from New Orleans, and 155 miles from Baton Rouge and is considered the best charter fishing destination.  Both can be easily done by charter bus or car.  If coming in from out of state, there are two airports located near your destination.  Lodging for the overnight Team Building Experience will not be a problem as most Charter Captains have large, modern accommodations, that include wi fi, so that employees can still check their email in the evenings.  My experience though shows that once back at the lodge, the employees are busy chatting about their day, having a cocktail and eating their days catch.  It is much more like “Glamping”, than the rustic accommodations of the past. Your employees will also be so tuckered out from the day of fun, that getting into after hours trouble during a corporate hosted event is a lot less likely to take place.

The Take Away

Not only will your employees have their trophy’s if you decide to do so, and plenty of pictures, but the charter captain will have the fish cleaned and packaged to take home as well.  Those who have never spent any time fishing, maybe the females and some males who have not been able to experience our beautiful sport fishing in Venice, Louisiana will be able to leave with a knowledge, and skill set that can be shared with their own families.  

Experience in Corporate Fishing Charters

Our Charter Fishing Captains have experience in creating the day trip for your company, to the longer full on fishing tournament.  From the expert, to the novice, the Captain’s will work to make a memorable event that your employees will be asking to go back to year after year.  Do they ever really ask to go back and build a house of cards?

As I have spent a lot of time on the water fishing, inshore as well as off shore, there is no better way to get to know the people you interact with every day, support each other, help each other overcome fears and have a great time outdoors.  Out of the cube, out of the conference room, enjoying the beautiful waterways that Venice, Louisiana is famous for.