Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf

huge yellowfin tuna

Charter Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf


Charter fishing is soaring in popularity across the Gulf Coast Region. In fact, deep sea fishing is the perfect way to enjoy the Gulf with family and friends. Whether for corporate or family trips, there are several charter fishing tours in the Gulf for Yellowfin tuna.

girl with yellowfin tunaThe latter is one of the most popular species for fun-filled and exciting charter fishing expeditions. Similarly, many fishing enthusiasts also take to the Gulf to fish for trout, tuna and other deep-sea species. If you want to embark on an exciting fishing trip, there is nothing like charter fishing out of Venice, Louisiana. This region has some of the best offshore fishing charters around. The area is also close to New Orleans charter fishing – and many people actually head to Venice to enjoy these activities.


The Many Benefits of Venice LA Fishing


There are so many benefits of tuna fishing out of Venice LA. For one, you can truly spend quality time with family and friends. There are also several charter fishing companies operating out of Venice.  Most specialize in deep-sea fishing trips for all corporate and private charters. They also feature multiple boats to insure your trip is perfect.   Most of all, these charter fishing groups provide patrons with fishing rods, tackle, bait and even complementary snacks and beverages. They also provide all the necessary safety apparel and gear to ensure maximum protection while on the open water.


As always, passengers are allowed to bring their own fishing equipment and tackle. Similarly, they can bring their own lunch and snack as well – so long as the charter fishing group allows it. If you love fishing, you probably know that shoreline fishing can be a bit boring. With this in mind, deep sea fishing I the Gulf connects you with Yellowfin tuna, trout, catfish and so many other exotic species.

Venice charter fishing companies will also teach you how to use the right bait, as well as hook and reel in larger and smaller fish. Yellowfin tuna move swiftly and are normally found in warmer waters. This makes the Gulf of Mexico ideal to fish for these tuna – day and night. If you love deep sea fishing and want to plan a weekend trip, companies in Venice LA will truly achieve your desired results.

Deep Sea Tuna Fishing


Why Choose Venice for Charter Fishing?


Venice LA continues to be a popular destination for charter fishing. From deep sea trout to tuna fishing, Venice Harbor Boat Drive features the best charter fishing companies and groups. In fact, here are some of the top fishing venues in the area:


  • Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge
  • VooDoo Fishing Charters – Deep Sea Tuna Fishing
  • Super Strike Charters, LLC.
  • Captain Troy Wetzel


These charter fishing venues also feature convenient lodges for weekend – or weeklong- stays. This means you can enjoy great charter fishing without having to drive back to a New Orleans hotel or motel. It is important, however, to contact these – or other local venues – to check on room availability. Similarly, you need to check if all fishing charters are booked or if there are availabilities.

While most people love to fish the Gulf for Yellowfin tuna during spring and summer, there are those that venture to Venice during the fall. In fact, the weather is cooler and more enjoyable – especially when it comes to sea breezes and winds. There are usually less people fishing during the fall as well – due to school, work and other daily chores. Still, it is important to contact Venice LA charter fishing companies before driving to the area.


Charter Fishing in Venice for All


Right now is the best time of the year for large schools of trout and Yellowfish tuna. While the recent weather events have hampered some fishing trips, business has picked up again the Gulf. With this in mind, all you need to go is check Google or Facebook for the top deep-fishing charters in Venice. You can also speak to the Captains of these charter boats, as well as staff to gather more information. Similarly, you can access their schedules, rates, and even set up onboard charter fishing parties and events. Local companies will supply you with all the important information, including but not limited to:


  • Boat types and rental fees.
  • Safety precautions, guidelines, apparel and training.
  • Fishing rods, tackle, bait, and equipment.
  • Schedules, availability and room and lodging rates.
  • Directions to Venice from New Orleans or other areas.
  • Information on meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.


Many Types of Fish in the Gulf


There is several charter fishing tours available in Venice. Similarly, there are several types of fish in the Gulf that these charters specialize in. For example: you can book a charter specifically for Yellowfin tuna – or offshore fishing for tuna, dolphin and marlin.

Local charters even offer lump, rig and kite fishing to meet all your needs. As always, fishing equipment rentals are available – but are usually included with your charter boat rental fees. Again, local fishing experts will teach you how to reel, bait and catch these fish that roam the Gulf of Mexico. There are, however, rules in regards to children participating in these charters. Therefore, it is important to get the information you need regarding age limits for all charter fishing trips.


You can even book shared charters, which is a great way to meet fishing enthusiasts and make new friends. With beautiful scenery and picturesque backdrops, Venice is simply the best place to be for all charter fishing in Louisiana.


Rod and Reel Fishing


Venice La charter fishing companies also feature inland rod ‘n’ reel fishing. This includes shoreline and deposit fishing for speckled trout, redfish, drum and flounders. Venice charter  fishing groups know where the lunkers are lurking. This means they take you to the areas where the fish are – so that you can make the most out of your trips.

While some prefer deep-sea fishing, others simply love fishing closer to the shoreline and mainland. Inland fishing does offer the same excitement as deep sea fishing. However, you are simply closer to the shoreline – but are in a great area to see and fish the many species that stream in from the Gulf of Mexico.


Venice Lodging


As mentioned earlier, there are many fishing charters in Venice that offer accommodation and lodging. In fact, many of these hospitality venues overlook the marinas where you will be casting off from.

From larger parties to fishing camps – most facilities are able to house about 12-14 people. Therefore, it is truly important to book your lodging in Venice ASAP.

This way, you can enjoy a weekend of charter fishing – and come back to the hotel for drinks, appetizers and delicious entrees. Many facilities in Venice also offer promotional discounts and group savings for all fishing charter groups. If planning on staying in New Orleans, try checking on charter fishing buses or shuttles. Again, Venice is not far from New Orleans – but it is still a good hour and thirty minutes drive by car. You will also be heading southward into the Louisiana islands areas.