How Much is Bluefin Tuna Worth?

How Much is Bluefin Tuna worth

This question is a common one for anyone who has ever tried this highly filtration rated tuna. Bluefin tuna has been one of the most expensive tuna available especially in comparison to the Yellowfin Tuna. Its price can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on where you purchase it and what country you purchase it from.

It is not uncommon for people to pay thousands of dollars for Bluefin Tuna. The price is determined by the year that it was caught, as well as the place that it was caught. It is also determined by the size of fish that you are seeking. Larger fish will obviously cost more. You should know that there are other options for how much tuna is worth. Some people will pay thousands of dollars just so that they can have a Bluefin at their dinner table.

How Much is Bluefin Tuna Worth If I Purchase It From a Local Retailer?

This answer depends on a couple of factors. The first factor is how long it took to get to your local store. If the tuna were caught on an island and had to travel to your local store it could take anywhere from four to five days. Also, it depends on how far out in the ocean your location is. If the tuna is located close to shore, there will be less of a difference in price.

If you decide to purchase Bluefin Tuna from a local retailer, it will cost you between seven hundred and ten hundred dollars. A large portion of these fish are bred in captivity. The filtration system that they have been bred with is called the Bluefin Select. This method produces offspring that have very narrow veins through their bodies. This narrow vein makes the fish very challenging to catch. You have to have a really good understanding of tuna behavior in order to get the results that you want from your fishing trip.

How Much is Bluefin Tuna Worth When I Purchase It Online?

When you purchase from an internet site, be prepared to pay the full amount for the fish. There is normally an additional shipping fee. Also keep in mind that it depends on where the site is located. If the site is in different places around the world it could be priced differently.

How Much is Bluefin Tuna Worth If I Can Catch It in My Local Area?

You could always have the fish shipped to you. However, many local fishermen to catch the tuna for their local areas and then turn around and sell the fish to the public for a higher price. Therefore, the price you pay for the fish depends on which area you are located in.