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rules change for two pole permits

General Fishing News | Idaho Fishing News
The legislature this winter amended existing law to allow anglers exempt from buying a fishing license to buy a two-pole permit.

The change went into effect July 1 and allows children who aren't required to have a fishing license to fish with two poles, similar to provisions for steelhead and salmon permits.

Previously, to fish with two poles, anglers had to buy a "validation" on their fishing license. But that did not allow anyone exempt from having a fishing license, primarily children, to fish with two poles.

Idaho Fish and Game wanted to allow anyone who wanted to fish with two poles to do so, even though they may not have a fishing license. Changing the validation on the fishing license to a separate permit allowed this.

Idaho resident children under 14 are not required to buy a fishing license, but now they can buy a two-pole permit. Unlicensed nonresident children under the age of 14 also may buy a two-pole permit if they are accompanied by a valid fishing license holder. Any fish caught by the nonresident child, however, would be included in the bag and possession limit of the license holder.

The bill passed the House and the Senate unanimously.
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